Change management and innovation exchange meeting

Implementing partners meet in Maputo to continue discussions around “change management” and to analyze the results of the patient level electronic monitoring system within Mozambique.

Maputo, Mozambique, 15 April 2013 – Representatives and technicians from the Mozambique Ministry of Health, MOASIS, CDC (Mozambique and Atlanta) gathered at Pensão Martins, Maputo for a management and innovation exchange meeting.  The meeting was chaired by CDC (represented by Dr. Mindy Hochgesang) and I-Tech (represented by Dr. Starley Shade).

The main aim of the meeting was to analyze the results, present and demonstrate the patient level electronic monitoring system within Mozambique.  CDC-Mozambique and I-Tech presented and demonstrated the SESP (Sistema Electrónicos de Seguimento do Paciente) assessment tool, which refers to the rules and norms governing HIS at patient level.  This unique and efficient tool was developed by CDC-Mozambique and aims to prepare partners for the evaluation of the SESP which will be made in the near future by the Mozambique Ministry of Health. The instrument is highly recommended as it collects general system information, application information (collected data), information about decision support, data quality, security, confidentiality, and interoperability features.