CRVS evaluation meeting held in Maputo, Mozambique!

The Jembi-MOASIS team recently attended the Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) evaluation meeting at the National Institute of Statistics, Maputo

Maputo, Mozambique, 13 September 2013 – Key staff of MOASIS attended the CRVS evaluation meeting at the National Institute of Statistics in Maputo, Mozambique. The Vital Statistics is one of the current projects in the MOASIS programme which is focused on supporting the integrated national Vital Statistic reform. Despite many years of its existence, the system of Civil Registration and Vital Statistics have not functioned properly in most African countries, as a result, most African’s are born and dies without having made a single legal registration or statistician. This situation makes it almost impossible to monitor and manage morbidity and mortality on the continent. In an attempt to reverse this situation, the African Ministers responsible for Civil Registration and Vital Statistics have held meetings, discussing challenges facing systems and strategize on ways to improve it.

The forum clearly recognizes that the first step towards reform of CRVS would be to take stock of the current situation of the systems in their respective countries through thorough evaluation and development of concrete strategies and action plans with deadlines. The evaluation will adopt a multi-sector approach and thus sought to involve all CRVS stakeholders in the country, in the process of assessment and planning.

The conference of African ministers responsible for Civil Registration, is now a permanent regional forum which meets every two years, with the support of the African Development Bank and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. MOASIS has been a key driver of the CRVS forum since its inception and is an active member of the ongoing CRVS assessment.

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Above: various stakeholders involved in the Action CRVS evaluation; Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, National Institute of Statistics, University Eduardo Mondlane, Ministry of State Administration, Ministry of home affairs (Mozambique), Jembi-MOASIS, African Development Bank, UNICEF, and the World Health Organization.

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