O Mozambican Open Architecture Standards and Information Systems (MOASIS) é um programa que apoia a sociedade Moçambicana na área de sistemas de informação para a sáude.

MOASIS Overview

Mozambican Open Architecture Standards and Information Systems (MOASIS), created in September 2008, it is a Living Lab and non-profit research organization affiliated with Universidade Eduardo Mondlane and supported directly by Jembi Health Systems based in Cape Town.


MOASIS is an embryo in the field of Health Information Systems, it is committed to adapting in its creation, the achievement of a set of objectives previously established by the team, for the flexibility and development of Health Communication Systems …


Since its creation, Moasis has carried out a series of projects, many of these, directly related to the technical development of software, or customization of existing applications to meet the needs of our partners and program objectives.


Where we work


Featured Projects

Intra-Hospital Death Registration System (SIS-ROH)

November 30, 2018

The SIS-ROH project’s overall goal is to improve the coverage and the quality of the national mortality system of Mozambique and to support...