Jembi Starts Implementation of Point of Care System in Mozambique

Jembi Starts Implementation of Point of Care System in Mozambique

The Jembi team alongside the Ministry of Health (MOH) central and provincial level IT began implementing the SESP system health facilities in Maputo Province and Maputo City.


Image 1: Arrival of Jembi field team at Habel Jafar Health Center

Maputo, February 2019 – The Jembi team alongside MOH technicians from the central and provincial levels started the implementation of the Point of Care system1 in health facilities in the Maputo City and Maputo Province regions. The Point of care system for patients in real time aims at strengthening the health care and monitoring of patients living with HIV, improving the flow of care in the health facilities, and the management of the clinical processes of the patients. This project funded by PEPFAR foresees the improvement of the technological infrastructure and service of the health facilities, as far as the power supply and connectivity are concerned, also guaranteeing the safety of the IT and electronic equipment being deployed.


Image 2: Electrical installations to safely connect blocks 1, 2 and 3 of the facility

Image 3: Gazebos installed by Jembi team to conduct Infrastructure installations without disrupting day-to-day operations from health facility











“This project is possible thanks to a partnership between Mozambique and the American people through funding from PEPFAR – CDC”.