The aim of the branding activity is to support MISAU in the identification of an official name and logo in Portuguese for the POC system to be used across health facilities nationally in Mozambique.


  • Jembi conducted an internal exercise where 35 names and 5 logos were proposed, voted and submitted to CDC for suggestions and votes.
  • CDC team offered advisory opinion on proposed names.
  • The 2 most voted names and other 33 suggestions were submitted to MISAU as proposed options for consideration.
  • Names and logos were well received by MISAU.
  • MISAU shared the full list of names under consideration for POC.
  • MISAU conducted an internal vote for the final choice


  • 35 names and 5 logos suggested of which 2 were voted as final proposed names and logos by Jembi and sent to MISAU along with the full list of 35 as part of its contribution to the greater voting process:
    • SAP – Sistema de Atendimento ao Paciente: 5 votes
    • SIS-AP – Sistema de Informação de Seguimento e Atendimento ao Paciente or Sistema de Informação de Saúde de Atendimento ao Paciente: 11 votes
  • 8 final names were considered and voted by MISAU (some of which were part of list of 25 and the shortlisted list suggested by Jembi):
    • SESPC – Sistema Electrónico de Seguimento do Paciente Crónico (6%)
    • RME – Registos Médicos Electrónicos (3%)
    • SAP – Sistema de Atendimento ao Paciente (3%)
    • SISPUS Sistema de Informação de Seguimento de Pacientes de Unidades Sanitárias (3%)
    • SECTRA – Sistema Electrónico de Cuidados e Tratamentos (3%)
    • SERSP – Sistema Electrónico de Registo e Seguimento do Paciente (32%)
    • SERM – Sistema Electrónico de Registo Médico  (15%)
    • Sistema Electrónico do Paciente – SESP   (35%) – most voted by MISAU



  • MISAU Electronic Votes for logo