Development and completion of the GIS component for IIESS software

The GIS module for Mozambique´s NHS Inventory of Infrastructure, Equipment and Health Services (IIESS) has been completed

Maputo, 28 January 2014 – The MOASIS (Mozambican Open Architectures, Standards and Information Systems) team is pleased to announce the completion of the development of the GIS (Geographical Information System) component for the IIESS (Inventory of Infrastructure, Equipment and Health Services) software. After the formal delivery of the product in August 2013, MOASIS developer team continued working to develop and integrate other functionalities which have now been completed.

MOASIS now excitedly awaits the official hand over of the product to the Directorate for Planning and Cooperation (DPC)/Ministry Of Health (MOH), which will be preceded by a series of training sessions for its’ users at the central level (DIS). In addition to this a short document with software requirements’ has also been developed which forms an integral part of the GIS module.

What is the GIS component?
The GIS component for IIESS – as provided in the original protocol – is software developed with the main aim of mapping the distribution of NHS resources alongside the country. This component is directly linked to the current IIESS record (ficha) included in the Módulo Basico at central level (DPC/DIS/MOH), thus allowing, with a minimum number of clicks, to have access to mapping and visualization (georeferenced) a set of indicators previously selected. Among the main functions implemented on this component are; Georeferencing of indicators (general/specific) previously selected in the IIESS record and the overview of the resource distribution and availability, taking into account the level of detail that is intended (National, Provincial, District).

It is recalled that the ‘parent application’ (CDs) – completed in 2012 and linked to the Modulo Basico – was officially handed over to MOH as a product for distribution and expanding to the country in August 2013 (including related manuals: namely the “Procedures Manual of the new Resource Sheet – Modulo Basico SIS” and “User Manual on new Resource Sheet – Modulo Basico SIS”)

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“This project was made possible through a partnership between Mozambique and the American people.”

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