EducaMoz Project Officially launches in the Sofala Province of Mozambique

EducaMoz Project Officially launches in the Sofala Province of Mozambique

Jembi Health Systems participated in the launch of the EducaMoz Project which aims to support the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Affairs (MGCAS) secure inclusive quality pre-school education for pupils in Mozambique through the improvement of education programs and strengthening of the national monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system. The launch occurred in Beira city of the Sofala province and the program included official meetings, visits to community learning institutes, and festive cultural events. Jembi partnered with Maputo-based Terre Des Hommes Italia and the MGCAS to implement the EducaMoz project in Sofala.

Activities involving local community during EducaMoz launch

Maputo, September 2018 – The EducaMoz project, which aims to raise the quality of inclusive pre-school education services, officially launched in Beira on the 12th and 13th of September. The launch was held at the Oasis Community Pre-School in the Nghupa community and was attended by the Sofala Provincial Directorate for Gender, Children and Social Affairs (DPGCAS), MGCAS central level representatives, the Municipal council of Beira, the Pedagogic University, the Mwana Training Institute, the Sofala Sumburrero Technical Group for Social Protection, Terre Des Hommes, and Jembi Health Systems represented by project coordinator Marina Chichava.

The official launch program included presentations from the aforementioned institutions, visits to community pre-school facilities where participants were introduced to several courses and training sessions involving mothers and children. The attendees were entertained by children who performed local dances and recited the proclamations of the rights of children, including rights to healthcare, rights to education, rights to food and protection.

Jembi seized the opportunity to introduce its IT technician, Azerlino Guambe, seconded to the province who will be providing technical support to the DPGCAS and also updated the participants on the state of the national M&E system for the social sector (SI-M&A) and future perspectives, along with MGCAS central level representatives. Although challenges remain, the participants commended the work done by MGCAS with support from Jembi to improve data collection, and encouraged the Ministry to work towards better quality data.

The EducaMoz Project focuses on education and child protection and provides Jembi with a unique opportunity to continue supporting evidence-based decision-making and interventions in the education sector through the strengthening of SI-M&A. EducaMoz is specifically aimed at improving the vocational training of child care operators and strengthening in Maputo, Nampula and Sofala provinces, and expanding the innovative M&E information system developed by Jembi for government monitoring, particularly in the province of Sofala.