Jembi and InSTEDD Combine aEfforts

InSTEDD and Jembi Health Systems Announce a Strategic Alliance

To implement e-health solutions for those most in need.

Kigali, Rwanda, November 2011 – At the newly open offices of Jembi Health Systems in Kigali, Rwanda, Jembi’s CEO, Dr Chris Seebregts, and InSTEDD’s CEO, Dr Dennis Israelski came together to formally sign an agreement initiating a strategic alliance between the two organizations to jointly promote the development, use and evaluation of health information technologies that will support national health system strengthening in Africa and Asia.

The shared goals and values of InSTEDD and Jembi and the complimentary expertise, knowledge and skills, represent a tremendous opportunity to leverage their efforts to maximize the impact that these two organizations can and will have in the joint vision of advancing global health through innovation and appropriate response to identified needs.

The two organizations will work together to realize this impact through combined efforts in the development of health information systems, building capacity, strengthening of existing partnerships and participation in Collaborative Action Networks (CANs), as well as research and evaluation.

“We are confident that the strategic alliance between Jembi and InSTEDD will result in a transformative impact on the Health and well-being of the most vulnerable populations on earth,” said Dr Israelski.

Dr Seebregts added: “It is fitting that we are signing this Agreement at Jembi’s Kigali office, where the first joint development project involving Jembi and InSTEDD is currently taking place. The progressive environment and world-class eHealth leadership shown by the Ministry of Health in Rwanda has provided an ideal backdrop for the innovative technical solutions that Jembi and InSTEDD can deliver together and plan to build on in future. ”

Jembi and InSTEDD are working in partnership with the national eHealth coordinator, Dr Richard Gakuba, on several large projects, funded by international donors, such as the Canadian IDRC, Rockefeller Foundation and the Health Informatics Public Private Partnership funded by the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.

HI-PPP member, Dr Paul Biondich, assistant professor at the Regenstrief Institute in Indianapolis and Director of Informatics for Ampath in Kenya, was also present at the signing and said “I had the honour of being present at this event, and as I reflected on the MOU, I was struck by how complementary their skill sets were. More importantly, both of these world changing organizations share a similar vision of peer assistance that I believe is deeply impactful to resource-poor environments throughout the world. Together, these two organizations create a much more potent effect on the world than they would independently. As such, I have great expectations for what this partnership will achieve in the years to come. They have my enthusiastic support.”

Jembi Instedd Collaboration

About Jembi Health Systems:

Jembi Health Systems is an African NGO focusing on advancing global health through the use of innovative technologies in eHealth and health information systems in developing countries. Jembi provides the technical skills, tools and implementation expertise needed to develop software solutions, analyse and re-engineer health systems and undertake research into how best to apply and implement health information system s in low resource settings.

About InSTEDD:

InSTEDD is an international not for profit organization that develops and uses high-impact open source technology tools to help partners enhance collaboration and improve information flow and knowledge sharing. InSTEDD partners with community groups, government agencies, leading universities, private sector companies, and humanitarian organizations to solve critical health, safety and development problems affecting vulnerable populations.

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