Jembi-MOASIS participates at Mozambique’s 1st Corporate Social Responsibility Conference

Jembi-MOASIS is thrilled to have participated at the inaugural Mozambique Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, which took place between 19-20 March at the Joaquim Chissano International Conference Center in Maputo, Mozambique, and where the organization saw opportunities to further contribute to the expansion of information systems through partnerships with private sector stakeholders seeking to invest in CSR initiatives in Mozambique.

Maputo, Mozambique – 08 April, 2015 – With the theme “CSR Mozambique: A catalyst for social inclusion and prosperity,” the Conference brought together 190 delegates from various backgrounds which included business leaders, investors, local public and private companies’ representatives, government personalities and NGO leaders and representatives to discuss the future of CSR in Mozambique. Under the this theme various discussions were held regarding; government policy, sustainability, CSR landscape in Mozambique, best practices, incentives to encourage CSR activities and various CSR initiatives already being implemented, as well as to forge new partnerships and for cooperation organizations involved in CSR in Mozambique.


Above: delegates who attended inaugural Mozambique CSI conference

The Government of Mozambique was represented by the Minister of Gender, Children, and Social Welfare, the Minister of Education and Human Development, the Deputy Minister of Land, Environment and Rural Development, and an advisor to the Minister of Minerals and Energy. The conference featured presentations of CSR initiatives being implemented in Mozambique in the areas of technology, education, health, social welfare, environment, women’s empowerment and culture by various multinationals involved in the extractive industry in Mozambique, including, but not limited to: Sasol, G&E Oil and Gas, Anadarko, Coca Cola, and CB&I. In addition, organizations such as UNICEF also demonstrated a wide plethora of partnerships that were guaranteed for Mozambique’s social and economic development under the guise of CSR initiatives.

Jembi-MOASIS shared its belief of the importance of complementarity of CSR initiatives with national development strategies and coordination with local institutions to ensure that the projects are relevant to Mozambique and ultimately guide the country towards sustainable development with a focus on local content and development of local capacity. Moreover, Jembi-MOASIS is thrilled at the new doors of opportunity that have opened in the form of partnerships to further develop information systems in the health and social welfare sectors, the organization’s current areas of focus in Mozambique.

“Jembi-MOASIS projects are made possible thanks to a partnership between Mozambique and the American people through USAID – PEPFAR – CDC funding”.

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