JEMBI-MOASIS participates in the Maputo City NGO forum!

Jembi-MOASIS was invited to partake in a citywide forum for health NGO’s operating in Maputo. The Forum was convened by the Maputo City Health Directorate (MCHD)

Maputo, Mozambique – 23 April 2015 – The Maputo City Health Directorate (MCHD), responsible for the coordination of NGOs working in the health sector at Maputo City-level, organized a forum for foreign and national non-governmental organizations, as well as associations that support the health programs of the government. The MCHD has a Memorandum of Understanding with 26 foreign NGOs which includes Jembi Health Systems, The Clinton Health Access Initiative, Médecins Sans Frontières, VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) and others.


6 National Mozambican NGOs such as Nweti, and 49 health-based associations are currently supporting health programs and initiatives dealing with maternal and pre-natal health, malaria, HIV and Tuberculosis across the Maputo City. Some of the topics discussed during the forum were; health-related activities supported by NGOs and where further support is needed at Maputo City level; informing the organizations on new registration, recruitment, budgetary, reporting and licensing rules to operate in Maputo.

The forum aimed to provide a space of dialogue among NGOs and the public sector to ensure that their initiatives and projects in the health sector are fully aligned with the city-level agenda, priorities, plans and protocols. As part of MCHD’s plans for 2015, they require support from NGOs in the following areas: 1) reduction of maternal and pre-natal mortality; reduction of the scourge of malaria, HIV and Tuberculosis; 2) infrastructure, human resources, funding, and governance.

At the end of the forum, the NGOs present elected VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) as the focal point for foreign NGO’s operating in Maputo. The post will be held by VSO for the next 2 years.