JEMBI/UEM-Moasis Receives Another Diploma of Merit at the XXXIX Cabo Delgado Provincial Health Coordinating Council

As a partner of the Ministry of Health, Jembi Health Systems was invited to participate in the XXXIX Cabo Delgado Provincial Health Coordinating Council (held in Pemba) where it received the Diploma of Merit for its contribution to the sector in achieving the goals of the 2015-2019 Government Five-Year Plan at the provincial level.

Eng. José Natividade da Silva- Jembi IT Technician receiving the Diploma of Merit awarded to Jembi during the XXXIX Provincial Health Coordinating Council in Pemba.

Maputo, Mozambique- August 2019 – Under the theme “Strengthening the Health System Towards Universal Coverage” and with the opening session chaired by the Cabo Delgado Provincial Director of Labor, Employment and Social Security on behalf of the Provincial Governor and closing by the Provincial Director of Health Dr. Anastácia Bernardo Lidimba, the XXXIX Cabo Delgado Provincial Health Coordinating Council held from 01 to 02 August 2019 addressed pertinent health sector issues.

The Coordinating Council – which aimed to take review the activities and outline strategies to improve health care delivery to the population of Cabo Delgado – was attended by the Deputy Inspector General of Health and “Godmother” of the Province on behalf of the Minister of Health and members of some provincial government bodies.

During the Council, a preliminary review of the implementation of the Government Five Year Program (PQG) was made and the relevant contribution of all health officials and cooperating partners in improving access to services and compliance with the PQG indicators was recognized. In fact, the Council emphasized the gains made over the five-year period which is close to an end, namely (i) the improvement in the delivery of health services to the population, (ii) the increase in the rate of coverage of institutional childbirth deliveries, (iii) the reduction of the Inhospital maternity mortality rate, (iv) improvement of integrated child care, (v) improvement in the care for nontransmissible diseases, and (vi) improvement on the approach of diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis. Reflection was also made on the obstacles faced by the province in complying with the recommendations of the XXXVII Coordinating Council held in September last year, as well as to the challenges in the implementation of the public health strategy in the province as well as the assessment of the sector’s response to the cyclone Kenneth.

At the end of the Coordinating Council, the districts, provincial departments and health sector cooperation partners in the province were awarded prizes. Thus, for the second consecutive time, Jembi Health Systems was awarded another Diploma of Merit for its contribution to meeting the goals of the Government’s Five-Year Program 2015- 2019 at provincial level.


“This project was possible thanks to a partnership between Mozambique and the American people through the funding of PEPFAR – CDC “.