JEMBI / UEM-MOASIS Receives Diploma of Merit at the XXXVIII Coordinating Council of the Provincial Health Department of Cabo Delgado

JEMBI / UEM-MOASIS Receives Diploma of Merit at the XXXVIII Coordinating Council of the Provincial Health Department of Cabo Delgado

As a partner of the Ministry of Health, Jembi Health Systems was invited to participate in XXXVIII Provincial Health Coordinating Council of Cabo Delgado where it received the Diploma of Merit for its contribution in the health sector in the province 

Dr. Adelino Covane – Implementation Coordinator at Jembi/UEM-mOASIS & Dra. Luísa Panguene, Deputy General Inspector and Godmother of the Province

Maputo, Mozambique – October 2018 – Chaired by the Governor of the Province of Cabo Delgado, the XXXVIII Health Coordinating Council of Cabo Delgado province under the theme “Strengthening Primary Health Care for More and Better Services” addressed pertinent issues in the health sector. including the use and improvement of cervical cancer screening indicators; the reduction of maternal and infant morbidity and mortality; family planning, with a focus on reducing teenage pregnancy; Antiretroviral treatment with an emphasis on Pediatric ART as well as prevention and fight against corruption. The Coordinating Council was attended by the Deputy Inspector General of the Ministry of Health representing Her Excellency, the Minister of Health, the District Administrator of Pemba, and members of various provincial government bodies. Throughout, the Coordinating Council, there was an evident recognition of the relevant contribution and commitment of all health officials and cooperation partners such as Jembi in improving access to services and in complying with the indicators of the Government’s Five Year Plan. Some of the obstacles faced by the province in the Health sector included compliance with the recommendations of the XXXVII Coordinating Council, difficulties faced in the management of health facilities and health programs throughout the province and poor sustainability of programs supported by cooperation partners at the end of the projects. At the end of the Coordinating Council the 17 best employees of the health sector in Cabo Delgado received Distinction Awards. Jembi Health Systems received a Merit Diploma for its contribution to the Health Sector in Cabo Delgado. Finally, Dr Luisa Panguene, Deputy Inspector General, called on the other participants to make the project planning matrixes a working tool to achieve the objectives of the sector, to improve the quality and humanization of health services, to combat corruption, and manifested a desire to meet the indicators that aim to reduce maternal deaths and increase voluntary donors within the goals set.



“This project was made possible through a partnership between Mozambique and the American people through PEPFAR – CDC funding.”




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