Jembi’s Response to COVID-19

The Jembi Health System is an organization dedicated to health, and therefore it should continue as far as possible its essential services in any situation, preserving the health of patients and workers.

In response to the crisis, Jembi took necessary measures for the well-being of all employees of the organization and the general public, providing practical support to the Ministry of Health (MoH) and the National Institute of Health in efforts aimed at combat the adverse effects of COVID-19 across the country. And creating a Crisis Management Unit with the aim of coordinating the continuity of Jembi’s activities and ensuring the organization’s ability to provide its services to its cooperation partners in Mozambique during the spread of COVID-19 at country level.

Support action of Jembi / UEM-MOASIS to MISAU in the context of Combating COVID-19

With a commitment to serving the Ministry of Health and the national health system, Jembi Mozambique is considered an essential organization and will remain active during the emergence of COVID-19, to support MOH to function to deal with the crisis.


  1. Quick study of the initiatives underway in other countries to analyze the feasibility and risks of adopting such measures for Mozambique;
  2. Supply of 5 vehicles and drivers to the Provincial Health Directorate of Maputo and the National Institute of Health for health professionals from COVID-19, test samples and surveys;
  3. Donation of 4,000 information pamphlets to the Ministry of Health to raise awareness among rural communities;
  4. Resource mobilization through the elaboration of a concept note submitted to 3 donors for technological projects within the scope of COVID-19;
  5. Evaluation of the COVID-19 application developed by the DTIC technician;
  6. Provision of computer equipment for teleworking.
  7. Development of the mobile application COVID-19 for the Ministry of Health;
  8. Installation of a wi-fi network installed at the COVID-19 reference hospital in Maputo, Polana Caniço Health Facility;
  9. Made Jembi staff available to support MOH activities during the state of emergency;
  10. Support COVID-19 meetings at provincial level;
  11. Support gathering of vaccination statistical data during the national COVID-19 vaccination program;
  12. 31 Jembi Mozambique employees benefited from the first phase of the National COVID-19 Vaccination Program.

Crisis Management Unit

To ensure the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of compliance with the crisis management plan, the Jembi Mozambique Board establishes the Crisis Management Unit with the following mandate:

  1. Conduct daily surveys on Covid-19 based on verified facts and reliable data to support the Directorate’s decision-making process on measures to be taken by the Directorate for the welfare of all Jembi Mozambique employees;
  2. Transmit relevant information about Covid-19 in good time;
  3. Ensure the implementation and permanent monitoring of decisions made by recognized and specialized entities;
  4. Introduce structural and operational changes in the way of proceeding according to the dynamics and evolution of cases;
  5. Provide information to the project coordinators for the operationalization of the decisions taken in their respective areas of intervention and for the eventual definition of contingency plans and work plans for their teams in cases of emergency.

All questions and concerns about COVID-19 at Jembi Mozambique should be communicated through the following contact:

Mandatory Preventive Measures

The Crisis Management Unit collected all possible information from credible and official sources to support the Board’s decision-making processes. Consequently, the Jembi Mozambique Board has communicated the following mandatory instructions to be followed by all employees to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  1. All employees who have symptoms similar to those of COVID-19 (fevers, flu, dry cough, breathing problems, etc.) should report the case immediately to the email: for proper remote work authorization or sick leave ;
  2. The number of employees working in person was reduced considering factors such as vulnerability to the effects of COVID-19 and feasibility of remote work;
  3. For the above point, Jembi employees over 65 years of age, sick, with chronic and respiratory diseases and other diseases with high susceptibility to the effects of COVID-19 were privileged;
  4. Jembi Mozambique employees of foreign nationality should avoid carrying out activities on the ground in order to minimize stigmatization and discomfort;
  5. The office will officially open at 8:00 am;