Ministry of Health of Mozambique Conducts Training of Trainers on SESP-TR with support from Jembi / UEM-Moasis

Ministry of Health of Mozambique Conducts Training of Trainers on SESP-TR with support from Jembi / UEM-Moasis

Jembi Health Systems/UEM-Moasis supported the Ministry of Health (MOH) in the training of trainers and technicians from the National Health System (NHS) in matters relating to the use of the new point of care system in real time (SESP-TR )

Maputo, Mozambique – October 2019 – Jembi/UEM-Moasis upported the MOH in the training of trainers on SESP-TR in order to ensure that health technicians who will perform the training in system use at the health facility level are appropriately prepared.

The training, which took place last September in Maputo City, was led by the Ministry of Health PNC-ITS, HIV/AIDS Quality Improvement Focal Point – Dr. Hélder Macul.

The training focused on the use of system modules, including: 1) Clinical Appointment and Registration; 2) Clinical and Psychosocial Support and Positive Prevention; 3) Laboratory; and 4) Pharmacy.

The objectives of this training included: (a) To train professional teams from the central level of the NHS, provincial, district, health facilities and PEPFAR partners as trainers in the implementation of the SESP-TR, and (b) to compose the teams and agree on the implementation and post-implementation monitoring approach.

Participants of the training of trainers included: MOH central level technicias, as well as the Maputo Provincial Health Directorate (DPS) and the Maputo City Health Directorate who will lead the implementation process in this first phase with the technical assistance from professionals of Jembi/UEM-Moasis and support from clinical partners from each province.

The MOH was visibly pleased with the system’s efficiency and the performance of trainees who have assimilated quickly the use of the SESP-TR. Modules and manuals for the use of the system and its functional structure were presented, as well as the safety standards to be followed by the technicians and users regarding the infrastructure and the system.
Subsequent trainings of trainers will be conducted for the remaining provinces with the same centralized approach or with some adjustments considering the experiences of this first phase.

“This project was made possible thanks to a partnership between Mozambique and the American people through PEPFAR funding – CDC”.