POC Laboratory

POC Test Laboratory – Point of the situation 27 Dec 2017









The POC Test Laboratory has been setup for infrastructure and software tests. The lab simulates the setup of HF where POC will be deployed.


  • Financial resources mobilized and used for the setup of the POC Test Laboratory.
  • 3 dedicated rooms to POC lab are ready with AC installed and working. Security bars are being produced and will be installed asap.  This work doesn’t prevent rooms’ usability.

Rooms’ composition is as follows:

  1. Room 1: Two working stations (NEP, Reception), storage and archive facilities;
  2. Room 2: Three working stations (Clinicians);
  3. Room 3: Two working stations (Laboratory, Pharmacy);
  • The 7 working stations were installed and are operational. Each working station is equipped with 1 SIS Compact Station (with keyboard, mouse, UPS), 1 barcode reader,  1 table, 2 chairs (one for the operator, 1 for the pacient). The NEP working stations has been equipped with a standard printer. At the moment, the SIS Compact Station installed at this working station, works as a server. The reception working station has been equipped with a barcode label printer.
  • All the working stations have been labeled (labels can be moved form one working station to another for test purposes) and are separated by moving panels.
  • The intranet was configured among the 7 working stations and an independent 3G internet connection have been provided.
  • Purchase of additional equipments according to needs including:
  1. Hardware for POC server: 1 mini-server, 1 switch, 1 router;
  2. 2 tablets;
  3. 3 touchscreens;
  4. 1 extra-separator and extra chairs;
  1. Batteries;
  2. Server Cabinet
  3. Solar panel;
  4. 3 mini-pc 12V.