Current Projects


Since inception of the program in 2009, training and recruitment of local staff has been at the center of Jembi’s support to national institutions in Mozambique in partnership with UEM, CRDS (Regional Center of Training in Health), and the Ministry of Labour. This is to ensure local ownership and project sustainability. According to data from […]


The Electronic Patient Tracking System (EPTS) is the main PEPFAR system used to collect data on HIV patients and tp manage medical records in health facilities. There is need of a system that produces quality data for PEPFAR reporting and for MoH Health Management Information systems (HMIS). Jembi, as a specialized and dedicated organization with […]

Help Desk and Support Services (HDSS)

The Help Desk and Support Services is a line of communication and consequent action for problem solutions and support, led by the Jembi team and directed to support for SESP, EPTS system and related equipment and infrastructure financed by PEPFAR. It is a communication service between the different departments of Jembi (BA, developers, implementers, infrastructure, […]


In 2011, Jembi first started to introduce, in Mozambique, the concept of architecture and subsequently of interoperability as fundamental tools to harmonize and best use systems in place. In the following years, Jembi developed, in Africa, many successful projects based on the OPEN HEALTH INFORMATION EXCHANGE (OpenHIE). The project aims to facilitate the exchange of […]


The SIS-Compact Station is a MOASIS lead project, driven towards creating an innovative solution to the problem

Past Projects

Database of NGO Reports

The project provides technical support to the Ministry of Health.

Desenvolvimento Institucional MISAU

Moasis provides technical support to the Ministry of Health through the training of its staff and other similar initiatives on issues related to e-health

Health Information System based on the Individual (SIBI)

SIBI is a project lead by the MOASIS team in Mozambique. The overall goal of SIBI is to obtain the requirement for a future electronic health information system based on the patient.

Human Resource systems for Health Information Systems (SI-RH)

SI-RH is a project of the Ministry of Health, which is aimed at supporting the sustainability of the national human resource system of Mozambique. MOASIS supports the analysis of the system.


IIESS refers to the maintenance and dissemination of the Registration of Equipment Infrastructure and Health Services ( formerly known as SAM )

Information system for management of medicines and medical supplies (SI-MAM)

SI-MAM is a health information system that was developed by John Snow Inc. (JSI) to assist MISAU in the supply-chain management of medicines and medical supplies from central warehouses to hospitals and clinics in Mozambiqu

Intra-Hospital Death Registration System (SIS-ROH)

The SIS-ROH project’s overall goal is to improve the coverage and the quality of the national mortality system of Mozambique and to support Mozambique’s national vital statistics.

IT infrastructure support to the Mozambican Ministry of Health (MISAU)

The project is a public-private partnership initiative in which the MOASIS team provides ongoing support to the Ministry of Health in all Information Technology infrastructure and maintenance.

IT support for Provinces

Provide support to the IT infrastructure and maintenance in all the Provinces of Mozambique

Maintenance of current national and evaluation system (Modulo Basico)

The main aim of the Modulo Basico project is to execute any necessary emergency maintenance and corrections, including automated integration of some forms resulted from the current review of health information systems in the official application.

Meals Management Software (SAND)

The Maputo Central Hospital is working with the MOASIS team, at developing a software for the management of nutrition supply chain system for patients at the hospital.

Mobile phone application (mICD-10)

The mICD-10 is an innovative project led by the MOASIS team, which is aimed at developing a mobile phone application for quick consultation in the ICD-10 database

National Health Repository (Data Warehouse)

The project aims to develop a National Health Repository (Data Warehouse)

National Hospital Health Information System (SIS-H)

SIS-H is the implementation of a hospital information system or system of hospitalisation data aggregation.

National standard and dictionary developement

The project is focused on developing data vocabulary, interoperability, communication and health information systems (HIS) procedure standard definition.


The goal of the SESP is the definition of national policy , rules and procedures for individual patients records systems in Mozambique


SIS – COLERA consists of development and implementation of epidemiological surveillance of cholera outbreaks system.


The Health Information System of Mozambique for Monitoring and Evaluation (SIS-MA) was initially developed by Jembi in 2014-2016 under MoH and CDC coordination and funding. It was handed over to the MoH in 2017 to fully manage and own. It has, as its main objective, to support the collection, analysis, interpretation, and continuous and systematic […]

Strengthen the M&E capacity of the Ministry of Women and Social Action (MMAS)

Building on its highly successful experience, to date, mainly within the Health sector in Mozambique, Jembi/MOASIS is expanding its support to other sectors, namely to the Ministry of Women and Social Action (MMAS)

uData Capture Device (uDCD)

The MOASIS team has led yet another innovative initiative, namely uData Capture Device, a low cost micro-data capture device. It has been designed and developed specifically for data capturing in remote health facilities in Mozambique.