Health Information System based on the Individual (SIBI)

Executive Summary

SIBI is a project lead by the MOASIS team in Mozambique. The overall goal of SIBI is to obtain the requirement for a future electronic health information system based on the patient.

MOASIS developed the proposal study, which was approved by the Ministry of Health. The team is tasked with developing all activities for the implementation of the study, ranging from the preparation of the implementation plan, field interviews to research the needs of health facilities managing chronic diseases, the use of a temporary ‘not definitive’ application, study support, implementation, and a training and evaluation system.

  • Program:

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  • Time Frame: 01/09/2010 - 30/09/2015


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Team Members / Partners

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Project Objectives

  • Evaluate existing processes and flows within the program management of chronic diseases
  • Test pilot of a computer system based on individuals, as a support tool in the study
  • Evaluate possible changes that will be necessary to deploy flows and processes of programs

Project Updates

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