Mobile phone application (mICD-10)

Executive Summary

The mICD-10 is an innovative project led by the MOASIS team, which is aimed at developing a mobile phone application for quick consultation in the ICD-10 database.  The use of ICD-10 coding to classify diseases within the mortality and morbidity in Mozambique began actively in 2006.

mICD Application1

The MOH with support from mOASIS managed to install information systems based on ICD-10, but the collection and quality of data has been severely impacted by the lack of access to ICD-10 codes by physicians who certify the cause of death or internment in accordance with the rules of the ICD-10.  The mobile application mICD aims to make it easy, convenient and ubiquitous process of classification and coding of diseases using the ICD-10 classification.

For more info on the application click here.



  • Program:

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  • Time Frame: 01/09/2011 - 30/09/2013


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Team Members / Partners

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Project Objectives

  • Develop mobile phone application for quick consultation
  • Test mobile phone application in the field

Project Updates

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