Executive Summary

SIS-CS is an innovative MOASIS project composed of a touch screen microcomputer powered by open-source software, allowing the function of a predetermined list of applications permissible by the administrator. The four fundamental features of SIS-CS are:

  • Low risk of virus contamination, considering that it only runs selected applications;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Low production cost, and
  • Allows maintenance location and production in resource-constrained environments.


Key Jembi results:

  • Over 600 units of SIS-CS are installed in the field for the system developed by Jembi for the MoH, the Ministry of Gender & Social services and the Ministry of Justice;
  • Jembi with MoH performed a field evaluation and final approved report on the advantages of the use of SIS-CS in the health sector resulting in the following:
Indicators SIS-CS Desktop, Laptop
Access to the SIS-CS Computer by other sectors/ operators not related to the NHIS causing vulnerability 8% 18%
Virus problems 0% 82%
Connectivity problems for  NHIS access 0% 41%
Bad performance on processing data 14% 77%
Theft that make it impossible for the computer for data entry in the NHIS 0% 41%

Time of Jembi engagement

6 years;

  • Program:

    To be listed soon

  • Time Frame: 01/09/2010 - 30/09/2015

Team Members / Partners

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Project Objectives

  • Create electronic station with computers dedicated only for the HIS selected by the MoH
  • Create an automatic restriction for certain computer application.
  • reate a mechanism barring the actuation of virus in contaminated devices.


Project Updates

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    To be listed soon