Executive Summary

The Health Information System of Mozambique for Monitoring and Evaluation (SIS-MA) was initially developed by Jembi in 2014-2016 under MoH and CDC coordination and funding. It was handed over to the MoH in 2017 to fully manage and own. It has, as its main objective, to support the collection, analysis, interpretation, and continuous and systematic dissemination of health data.

This data is used to define and monitor public health policies from all districts and other Health systems related to structures of Mozambique (>180 between districts and hospitals) to the capital of the country through the provinces. SIS-MA provides a robust and flexible architecture, based on a metadata structure that allows configuring the system without resorting to programming, using only an end user interface.

The data is stored on a centralized server that allows access from any device in any region. The system allows the collection of data through aggregated data forms, which results from the combination of various disaggregation items such as sex, age, and key population. It also allows the capture of the various events that occur during the patient care process based on their individual processes. Jembi, through its TA at MoH level and the ITP in the provinces is providing support and help whenever is necessary.

Jembi key results:

  • Prepare the scenarios, proposal and project to be approved by MoH and CDC
  • Prepare and manage an international tender for selection of the company for the development of the new national system for monitoring and evaluation;
  • Management and support of all phases of the design, development, and implementation of the project;
  • Implementation of the system in 161 districts;
  • Training of 1,474 health staff in system use as well as data collection, analysis, dissemination, and use;
  • Technical assistance at the central level through senior staff seconded to the MOH to support development of additional modules, features, bug fixes, and errors as well as integration with other systems;
  • Technical assistance at district, provincial and central level in data quality and completeness through the production of health statistics and supervision visits;
  • Technical assistance in software and hardware maintenance at the facility, district, provincial, and central levels;
  • Provide equipment and installation in the Districts including servers at MoH and Provinces.

Time of Jembi engagement:

3 years;

  • Program:

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  • Time Frame: 31/01/2012 - 30/09/2015


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Team Members / Partners

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Project Objectives

  • Manage and Administer the development of new national system
  • Prepare detailed activities for the development phase

Project Updates

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