Prof. Jose Leopoldo Nhampossa



Principal Investigator

José Leopoldo Nhampossa is the founder and Principal Investigator of the UEM-MOASIS Program. José Leopoldo Nhampossa is a Professor associated to the Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM), Mozambique. After completing his doctoral studies in information systems at the University of Oslo, Norway, he held positions as a professor, researcher, substitute head of the Informatics Section, Director of the Degree in Computer Science at UEM and subsequently Director of the Academic Registry of UEM. Nhampossa has extensive experience in teaching, curriculum development, strategic planning and design of business architectures for organizations. Since 1995, Nhampossa has been a computer teacher but his focus since 2001 has been on the development, implementation, maintenance and management of information systems. Examples include SISMA (MISAU), SIGA (UEM) and the Civil Registry and Vital Statistics System (Ministry of Justice, Constitutional and Religious Affairs). His research is mainly empirical and in information systems. He studies and is actively involved in the design and use of health and education information systems, in the investigation of their social, organizational and management implications in developing countries.
Examples include SAIS (Southern Africa Innovation Support), Interinstitutional Working Group for the Improvement of the Civil Registration System and Vital Statistics (GITEV), OpenMRS Community, The African Union eHealth Expert Group (AU – EHEALTH), Mozambican Open Architechure, Standards and Information Systems (MOASIS), JEMBI Health Systems, Local Governance and ICT Research Network for Africa (LOG-IN Africa), Information Resources Management Association (IRMA), Health Information Systems Program (HISP), Resource Optimization and Promotion of Technical Excellence in Cheers