The 2015 National Mortality Data Analysis Report has been published!

The government of Mozambique has recently released its 3rd mortality data analysis report with the support of UEM-MOASIS/Jembi based on routinely collected data from SIS-ROH, the national death registration system.

Maputo, Mozambique – August 28, 2015 – The Ministry of Health of Mozambique has just published the 2015 National Mortality Data Analysis report based on 2009-2013 data extracted and analysed from SIS-ROH, a system developed by UEM-MOASIS/Jembi. The First National Mortality Data Analysis using an electronic health information system was published in 2009. Prior to SIS-ROH, mortality data was acquired through censuses and surveys.

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SIS-ROH is currently implemented in 44 sites at the district, provincial and central levels; it has registered over 100,000 deaths and uses ICD-10 codes to determine the causes of death. UEM-MOASIS/Jembi provides support to the MoH in system maintenance, upgrades, on-the-job training for system use, data analysis and publication, and ICD-10 codification for over 400 staff.

The data are used for national planning by the national health system and to ensure appropriate interventions based on reliable information. In addition, data are shared and used by the National Institute of Statistics or specific epidemiological and statistical analyses.

UEM-MOASIS/Jembi is also happy to share the great news that the rural district Hospital of Cuamba has published its first Mortality Data Analysis Report, the first of its kind analysed internally by local capacity and released at the district level in Mozambique. These results demonstrate a gradual sense of local ownership and country leadership over the project, a result of UEM-MOASIS/Jembi efforts to build capacity for project sustainability.

“The SIS-ROH project was made possible thanks to a partnership between Mozambique and the American people through PEPFAR – CDC funding”.

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