The Mozambique MGCAS and MOASIS-Jembi meets for a joint workshop in Maputo

The MGCAS (Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Welfare) and Jembi-MOASIS coordinated a joint-workshop on the 21st of May in Maputo.  The main agenda item was the analysis and collection of subsidies that will enable the completion of the report “General Review for the Information System for Monitoring and Evaluation of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Welfare.

Maputo, Mozambique – 5 June 2015 – A recent workshop was held in Maputo at the conference room of the MGCAS (Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Welfare). The workshop brought together staff and technicians from three collaborative entities namely, the USAID, MGCAS and Jembi-MOASIS.

The Jembi-MOASIS consortium project and the general 2014-16 action plan, which is supported and funded by USAID, is aimed at strengthening the Information System for Monitoring and Evaluation (SI-M&A) of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Welfare (MGCAS), a workshop that brought together staff and technicians of the three entities involved in the project took place on May 21, 2015, in the Council Conference Room of MGCAS.

The workshop aimed to present the results, agree and adopt the review’s recommendations and, based on these, to trace the steps to follow to strengthen the information system for monitoring and evaluation of the Ministry.


Above: Representatives from USAID, MGCAS and MOASIS engaging during the workshop

Some of the delegates present were cadres holding leadership positions in the various national directorates at MGCAS (Heads of Department and Sections) and senior cadres of the Jembi-MOASIS consortium, including the National Director for Planning and Cooperation at MGCAS (Dr. Francisco Alberto Pagule), the Principal Investigator of MOASIS and the Director of the Academic Registrar at University Eduardo Mondlane(Professor José Leopoldo Nhampossa) were all present.

The review at stake, performed during the months of November and December of 2014 had a key objective, to highlight all the aspects of the existing system, provide recommendations for the future and orientate the operational work for the improvement of the information system of the MGCAS.

During the meeting, participants contributed to the discussion to complete the chapters and specific topics of the review that needed refinement and adopted a long-term Strategic Road Map to be used by MGCAS to coordinate all interventions under the SI-M&A. Essentially, the general sentiment of the participants was that it is not only necessary but desirable to strengthen the M&E system ensuring that the activities are based in the amelioration of the already existing tools.

The participants concluded that it is indispensable to identify the operational activities for the current year, and they can be performed in a manner that accelerates the achievement of concrete results in a timely fashion. For this to occur, MGCAS staff will submit to Jembi/Moasis in a timeframe of 10 days, contributions and comments to deal with concrete aspects identified in the Strategic Road Map and in alignment with the general MGCAS-MOASIS workplan.

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