The Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Health visits the Jembi/UEM-Moasis Offices in Maputo


The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health (MISAU), Dr. Zacarias Zindoga visited the Jembi/UEM-Moasis office in Maputo accompanied by the Dr. Daniel Simone, Head of Department of Planning and Health Economics at the National Directorate of Planning and Cooperation. The purpose of the courtesy visit of the Permanent Secretary was to get acquainted with the current HMIS projects implemented with technical support from Jembi/UEM-Moasis nationally and to reaffirm the fruitful cooperation with the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Zacarias Zindoga and Jembi/UEM-Moasis staff

Maputo, Mozambique – October 2017 – As a response to an invitation by Jembi/UEM-Moasis, on the 20th of October, Dr. Zacarias Zindoga along with Dr. Daniel Simone spent part of their Friday morning discussing national health information systems developed and implemented nationwide as well over 1000 staff of the national health system trained with support from Jembi/UEM-Moasis and funding from PEPFAR/CDC over the past 8 years and their impact on national health statistics and sectorial planning.

Dr. Zacarias Zindoga, Dr. Daniel Simone and Jembi/UEM-Moasis coordinators

Dr. Zindoga expressed, on behalf of the Ministry, his appreciation for the work of Jembi/UEM-Moasis as a long-time colleague of MISAU in the quest to produce reliable information for informed decision-making and planning in the health sector. The Permanent Secretary went on to mention that the Jembi/UEM-Moasis team, which is composed by 28 local experts based in Maputo and 6 provinces, should not be considered partners by MISAU, they should be considered colleagues as their specialized contribution is felt in the Ministry and share a common aspiration for the improvement of the quality of health care. Jembi/UEM-Moasis was pleased with the visit and reassured the Ministry that it has the means and technical capacity to support the Ministry in the ongoing work towards improved national health information systems.

“The HIS support projects were made possible through a partnership between Mozambique and the American people through PEPFAR – CDC funding.”