Jembi attends ScaleConf 2013 & partakes in Knowledge-Sharing Workshop

Jembi SA technical team attended ScaleConf 2013 held in Cape Town, and hosted Justin Fyfe (MOHAWK) for a knowledge-sharing workshop

Cape Town, 14 May 2013 – The Jembi SA technical team recently attended ScaleConf 2013 on the 18th and 19th April, in Cape Town.  ScaleConf is a locally organized scalability conference with a focus on scaling code and architecture and it brings international and local experts together to share their experiences building systems to scale, the challenges they faced when scaling their solutions, highlighting technologies, methodologies and processes they adopted to solve their scalability problems.

In addition to the two-day conference, the organisers arranged a separate Google App Engine Workshop, and an informal hackathon style workshop which was hosted by Praelkaet to get participants familiar with their open source tool, Vumi.  These were attended by both Jembi Technical Manager – Wayne Naidoo and Senior Software Developer – Ryan Crichton.

The Jembi team further maximised the opportunity by hosting Canadian Justin Fyfe (MOHAWK).  The main aim of Justin’s visit to Jembi, Cape Town was to contribute to the current OpenHIE project by sharing knowledge and collaborating on the definition and design of the shared health record (SHR) as well as the interoperability layer.

MOHAWK visit

(L:R) Kari Schoonbee (Jembi Developer), Justin Fyfe (MOHAWK), Wayne Naidoo (Jembi Tech Manager), Ryan Crichton (Jembi Senior Developer), Hannes Venter (Jembi Developer)

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