Jembi-MOASIS contributes to the Vital Statistics journey!

UNICEF recognizes Jembi-MOASIS contribution towards strengthening CRVS Systems in Mozambique

Cape Town, 18 September 2014 – Jembi-MOASIS is part of an international network aiming to strengthen Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) in limited resource countries. In collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) Jembi-MOASIS played key role in developing vital registration systems, with particular attention to capturing mortality data, and facilitating the inter-institutional dialogue in Mozambique. Significant development and attention has been given to the Vital Statics field in Mozambique, with the Inter-institutional Vital Statistic Working Group (IVSWG) as the pioneer for coordination and development of national CRVS. In-depth assessment of CRVS was concluded and elaboration of plan of action for CRVS strengthening is ongoing.

In the feature report released by UNICEF in May 2014, Jembi-MOASIS is noted as having made a positive contribution to the Vital Statistics journey (pg 8-9), through the revision of death register, the implementation of ICD-10, and the development of SIS-ROH data management system. The latter has been achieved through a public-private partnership between the Mozambique Ministry of Health (MoH) and academic institutions, which has been created to support the efforts to collect information about causes of death, among others health information systems. Jembi-MOASIS, as member of the IVSWG, finalized in June 2014 the assessment report for the component of death and cause-of-death registration, which the action plan will be based upon. Building on these results, technically sound and dedicated Jembi-MOASIS team continues the ongoing pursuit of strengthening and improving CRVS Systems within Mozambique.

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