Jembi-MOASIS delivers products to MoH Mozambique

Jembi-MOASIS team has recently met with Mozambique Ministry of Health (MoH) Directors and staff to hand over deliverables as part of the Jembi-MOASIS and MoH work plan

Cape Town, South Africa, 29 August 2013 – The Jembi-MOASIS team met with Mozambique MoH Directors and staff on the 22nd August 2013, at the MoH office in Maputo, Mozambique.  The meeting was of significance as Jembi-MOASIS delivered important products to MoH:

(1)   SISMA (National monitoring and evaluation system) – phase 2 of the project was delivered to the MoH and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), followed by a project progress presentation by Critical Software

(2)   IEESS (Infrastructure Inventory System) – the final delivery of the systems was handed to the MoH, which was followed by a presentation.

(3)   SIBI Study (Health Information System based on the patient) – a complete demo of the SIBI study was presented. (which included a full demonstration starting with inputting data to the print out of reports)

(4)   SIS COMPACT STATION –official delivery of the device which was followed by a demonstration on how to use the embedded software and the flow of information using 3G internet connection

The above deliverable is part of the co-agreement between MOASIS and MoH to strengthen health information systems in Mozambique

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Dr A Campione (Jembi-MOASIS) hands publications to Dr Cidalia Balio (Director of Dept HIS in MoH Mozambique


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