Jembi-Moasis presents at the biggest AIDS conference in Africa: ICASA 2013!

Dr Alessandro Campione (Jembi Director of Programmes) presented – Strengthening health information systems to address the HIV / AIDS epidemic: A public-private NGO model in Mozambique, at the 17th ICASA 2013

Cape Town, South Africa – 10 December 2013Jembi Health Systems NPC presented the MOASIS model (Mozambican Open Architectures, Standards, and Information Systems) at the 17th ICASA 2013, being held in Cape Town 7-11 December 2013. This is a south-south public-private partnership between the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (UEM) and Jembi in Mozambique.


Left: Dr Alessandro Campione (Jembi Director of Programmes) shared and highlighted the unique role MOASIS plays through its MOU with the Government of Mozambique to assist with supporting the implementation of the Strategic Plan of the National Health Information Systems, Vital and Social Statistics.

One of the key results from the MOASIS model is the development and implementation of the national mortality system (SIS-ROH). A system for mortality registration which adopts WHO-FIC standards with the support of an electronic individual based tool to collect information from deaths recorded in and out of health facilities. MOASIS also assisted in updating the death certificate procedures and forms at a national level and adapted ICD-10 standards for low resources setting. Among other achievements, the MOASIS poster presented shows detail of the analysis of mortality from Mozambique.

Jembi and Moasis represent a unique and successful example of South-South Cooperation supported by different donors (PEPFAR, CDC, USAID, WHO, UCSF, Rockefeller Foundation, Twinning Centre and IDRC among others) and are running more than 23 projects in Mozambique in support of the National Health Information System in the public sector.

ICASA logoThe hosting of this Conference in South Africa is highly symbolic as it was in South Africa during the 13th International AIDS in 2000 that a turning point was reached in breaking the silence around AIDS in Africa, which resulted in an unprecedented commitment by donors, government and civil society to increase access to treatment in an attempt to turn the tide of this epidemic.

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