Jembi releases Terminology Service Browser

Jembi Innovation leads to new Terminology Service Browser

Jembi’s innovation & drive towards positively impacting global health has led to the release of a new Terminology Service (TS) Browser

Cape Town, South Africa, January 2013 – Jembi Health Systems announces the release of the Terminology Service (TS) browser, developed by Jembi as part of the RHEA project in Rwanda.  The Jembi Terminology Service browser is a web front-end to the Apelon DTS Terminology Service, developed as an alternative to the DTS browser tool.  It features a full-fledged terminology browser, searching capabilities, CSV exports of terminology spaces and a code validation web service.

The motivation and innovation behind the TS browser derived from the need for a publicly accessible, vendor-neutral and customisable web-based browser for the terminology service (TS) component.  “I am excited about the TS browser tool, as it will enhance the current Apelon DTS Terminology Service tool being used for the RHEA project.” – said Hannes Venter (Jembi lead developer on the TS component).

Innovation and being a center of impact, is a Jembi core value, hence innovative tools such as the Jembi TS browser is a positive contribution towards improving global health.

For more details on the Jembi Terminology Service Browser: