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The MOASIS team facilitated yet another successful training session with various local IT technicians from different provinces within Mozambique as part of the ITP project

Maputo, October 2014 – The MOASIS team have successfully facilitated a second training session with local IT technicians from various provinces within Mozambique as part of the ITP project (Strengthening IT in the Provinces), a project which has been endorsed by the Mozambique Ministry of Health (MoH).

The training was held in Maputo in partnership with CIUEM (Eduardo Mondlane University Computer Center), CMAM (Center for Medicines & Medical Supplies) and SCMS (Supply Chain Management Systems), and lasted 5 days (September 29 to October 3).  18 participants attended the training among IT Technicians and TMES (Técnicos Médios de Estatísitca) throughout the country including two technicians from DIS/MISAU and other two technicians recently hired by Jembi/MOASIS to be allocated at the provincial level. Nampula, Sofala and Maputo provinces sent two technicians each.

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Above: Local IT technicians participating in recent training

The topics covered in the training sessions dealt Hardware, Software (including the SIMAM and SISMA systems) and were taught by trainers and facilitators from CIUEM, CMAM, SCMS and MOASIS.  At the end of the training was a session on ethics and conflict of interest and the trainers made ​​a visit to the offices of MOASIS.  The main objective of the ITP project is to establish sustainable local capacity in each province of Mozambique, ensuring the maintenance, support and development of technology related to e-health and, in general, e-government, to train and support in managing partnerships.

Similar capacity building training sessions have been initiated by MOASIS and partners (MOH and Centro Regional Para o Desenvolvimento Sanitário [CRDS-Maputo]) during last year (focusing on HIS management and MOH´s electronic information systems for M&E) and during this one, IT technicians were specifically trained in hardware and new systems of M&E and medicines management (SIMAM), at the Centre of Informatics, University Eduardo Mondlane.

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“The ITP project was made possible through CDC funding under PEPFAR initiative”

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